Next Steps Digital Learning Skills

We hope you enjoy the engagement with the broad NMIS Community. While your own institution or employer will offer you more training and development and many of the open web offers of training development and certification are detailed on this site, we thought it was worth listing some of the more formal opportunities for further study here. The list will include qualifications for those who wish a deeper understanding of digital pedagogy and those who wish to learn more about the application of new technologies for learning.

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PDA Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching


Group award with four units:

• Developing e-learning lessons FA53 35

• Developing online content F9Y0 35

• Deliver and Monitor Learners’ Progress in an e-Learning Lesson F9XX 35

• Facilitate and assess learning F9Y1 35

Hybrid learning (starts 9th Sept 2019, attend every Monday, 15.00-17.00) Apply here

Distance learning (starts 12th Sept 2019) Apply here

This course provides free learning materials on integrating blending learning principles into your teaching practice. The course is aim at training working in any field and includes sections covering vocational education and apprenticeships.

The learning content is free but you can choose to pay to gain access to the final exam and official accreditation.

Course materials are developed by experts from the University of Leeds and UCL Institute of Education.

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CMALT (certified member of the Association of Learning Technologists) is a portfolio-based professional accreditation scheme developed by ALT to enable people whose work involves learning technology to have their experience and capabilities certified by peers and demonstrate that they are taking a committed and serious approach to their professional development.

6 online, short, mix and match courses

  1. Identifying Digital Needs (Good to do this course first)
  2. Exploring Digital Resources (You try out digital tools with your students)
  3. Developing Digital Assessment (You try out digital assessment with your students)
  4. Supporting Digital Learning (You try out digital tools with your students)
  5. Planning Digital Learning (If you wish to do this as part of the PDA Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching, you may wish to combine this with your 2 PDA teaching observations)
  6. Developing Digital Teaching Skills (Your future CPD - leave this course to last)

Course Dates: The six courses are repeated six times throughout the year.

Assessment: Choice of course assessment- take a brief Quick Check and get your College Certificate, or take a more indepth assessment and bank this towards the PDA Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching.