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NMIS Oneline Assessment

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Video Resources

This YouTube playlist features video resources referred to in the webinar.

Selected Resources

Kahoot logo


How to use the free Kahoot homework feature for assessment.

Google Forms icon

Google Forms

Step by step instructions on how to create and use forms for assessment.

Google Sites Icon

Google Sites

Step by step guide to creating a Google website for portfolio assessment.

Voki logo


Animated audio tool for assessment feedback.

Zoom logo


Create free screencasts for assessment feedback.

Oxford Brookes University logo

Improve your students’ performance in 90 minutes!

Tips for success in assessment from ASKe (Assessment Standards Knowledge exchange) at Oxford Brookes University.

Association of Learning Technologists logo

Accessibility Regulations

Information about the 2018 UK legislation - ‘The Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) Accessibility Regulations".

Other Resources

Electronic management of assessment

JISC - Electronic management of assessment guide.

Audio and video feedforward

Chatterpix for Apple & Chatterpix for Android - Create an avatar cartoon using Bitmoji and upload it via ChatterPix, the image animates when the audio feedback is given.

Digital portfolios via Google Sites

Google Sites - How to add, delete and organise pages on your website.

Google Sites - How to change how your website looks.

Digital Wellbeing

Digital Accessibility - Quick checklist to check how accessible your digital assessment resources are.

JISC - Information and ideas on assessment literacy.

Readability Test Tool - Quick way to check the reading level necessary to understand your text.