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Video Resources

This YouTube playlist features video resources referred to in the webinar.

Selected Resources

Smiling Mind logo

Smiling Mind

A free mindfulness app developed by a non-profit organisation in Australia. Helps to manage stress and mental health.

An email and password login screen

Best Password Managers 2019

An article from CNET examining the feature of various password managers.

Morphine logo

Morphine Website Blocker

A productivity tool that will block chosen website, such as Facebook. As you work you "earn" time, which can then be spent viewing the blocked sites.

A smartphone showing several notification icons

Notification Settings

Learn how to reduce unwanted or distracting notification on your Android or iOS device.

Other Resources

Has your account be compromised? - Use this tool to see if your email and password has been compromised on 100s of sites.

Skinner Boxes - Learn more about operant conditioning.

LeechBlock NG - A website blocker that allows you to specify which websites and what time of day to block them.

YouTube take a break reminders

Pomodoro - A technique for splitting work into small chunks and taking regular short breaks.

Social media copies gambling methods 'to create psychological cravings - An article from The Guardian on the techniques used by social media designers.

Android's anti-smartphone addiction features - A video showing Android 9 Pie's various wellbeing features.

Managing your email - A guide from Jisc.

What is 'Digital Wellbeing'? - A blog post by Helen Beetham, who popularised the term.

‘Stop the email ping-pong’: nine ways to avoid digital distraction - An article from The Guardian with several methods to reduce distractions.