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This YouTube playlist features video resources referred to in the webinar.

Selected Resources

M I T Openware logo

MIT Openware courses

MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) hosts nearly all MIT course content. It is open and freely available.

Diagram of analysis, design, development, implementation, evaluation model.


An Instructional Systems Design model used to design learning. Five phases—Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation.

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Simple tool too create augmented reality games and scavenger hunts.

Inspiring the Future logo

Inspiring the Future

Free matching service, to link your students to 45,000+ industry volunteers.

Image of a spreadsheet with cells listing various apps.

Personalised Toolkit Creation

Example of a curated set of tools, categorised per subject area, shared and used at team meetings.

University College London logo.

Learning Designer Tool

The free Learning Designer, from UCL, is a tool to help educators design and share teaching and learning activities and plans.

Other Resources

Learning Design

Padagogy Wheel - Zoom into a section for ideas, tools and activities.

Learning Designer - How to use the Learning Design tool to create teaching session plans.

Workshop on Learning Design - A slidedeck by Gráinne Conole.

What is Learning Design? - An article about the principles of learning design.

Learning Design for Student Success - A slidedeck by Mark Brown from Dublin City University.

Instructional Design - a slidedeck by Damian T. Gordon, Lecturer in Dublin Institute of Technology.

7 Cs of Learning Design - by Terese Bird from the University of Leicester.

Pedagogical Theory for e-Learning Design - by Daniel K. Schneider from Université de Genève.

The Neuroscience of Learning Design - A summation of research in the neuroscience field by Britt Andreatta from LinkedIn Learning.

Learning Design for the Brain - The cognitive aspect of learning design by Rani H. Gill

Slideshare Playlist Learning Design

G Conole: Workshop on Learning Design [Slidedeck]

What is Learning Design? [Article]

M Brown: Learning Design for Student Success [Slidedeck]

D T Gordon: Instructional Design [Slidedeck]

T Bird: 7 Cs of Learning Design [Slideshare]

D Scheider: Pedogogical Theory for e-Learning Design [Slidedeck]

J Gramp: ABC Learning Design [SlideDeck]

B Andreatta: The Neuroscience of Learning Design

R Gill: Learning Design for the Brain

Personalised Toolkit Creation

Metaverse - Experience Browser App - App to create augmented reality games for Apple.

EquatIO - Create equations, formulas and quizzes.

Citizen Maths - Free online maths activities.

Photomath - Point your phone at a math problem, get step-by-step solution, Android.

Photomath - Point your phone at a math problem, get step-by-step solution, iOS.

Geometry Pad - Create shapes / calculate metrics for iOS.

Measure - Augmented reality measuring App for iOS.

Ruler - Measure up to 9” for iOS.