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This site and associated resources is being built and currently co-ordinated by a team within City of Glasgow College. The technologies used have been selected to allow a handover to NMIS Ambassadors and the NMIS community at the completion of this initial intervention.

The overall aim is to be a knowledge commons to help staff network around the development of their digital skills for collaboration and then to be a place for exchanging ideas around manufacturing 4.0 and associated skills. The background to this development is explained in this paper and this presentation.

We have chosen tools that are within every trainer's reach and a platform that encourages collaboration and sharing in building this resource. The workshops will exemplify the use of a broader range of tools mapped against the standards of those working in learning and development.

Using Our Materials

This website, webinar slide decks and recorded webinars are all licensed under Creative Commons BY 4.0. This means that you are free to reuse, adapt or change the contents for your own use, including commercial use. All you need to do is credit the NMIS-Skills Team, as this is a requirement of the license.

You can copy the text below to credit us when using our work:

NMIS-Skills by The NMIS-Skills Team is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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Tools Used

A selection of Icon for G Suite applications.

This website was built in Google Sites. We are also employing a range of features of G Suite for Education.

Zoom logo.

Webinars are run in the free version of Zoom then are exported to a dedicated YouTube Channel.

Slides Carnival logo.

Slide templates are from Slides Carnival under CC BY 4.0 Licence.

Unsplash logo.

Most images for the website and webinars were sourced from Unsplash; which offers free, high quality photographs.

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Free icons sourced from Flaticon

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