Below you will soon find a list of useful organisations that support the manufacturing and engineering industry.


The Innovation Centre for Sensor and Imaging Systems, created in partnership with Scottish universities.

Centre for Engineerings & Education Development

A membership organisation for industry and education that share engineering solutions and best practice.

College Development Network

Helping to share CPD opportunities and best practice across Scotland's colleges.

Construction Scotland Innovation Centre

One of Scotland's Innovation Centres, focusing on the construction industry.

The Data Lab

One of Scotland's Innovation Centres, focusing on data science.

Digital Skills Partnership

Aiding colleges and universities to develop the digital skills of their students so they are ready to work in industry.

ESP Scotland

The Energy Skills Partnership links Scotland's colleges and industry to identify skill needs and develop training.

Highlands and Islands Enterprise

The Scottish Government's economic development agency for the Highlands and Islands.

Institute of Innovation and Knowledge Exchange

The professional body for innovators in the UK. Helping to promote innovation in construction, engineering and more sectors.

Institution of Mechanical Engineers

The professional association for mechanical engineers. Supporting the work of mechanical engineers across all industries.

Scottish Engineering

A membership and lobbying organisation for the Scottish engineering and manufacturing industry.

Scottish Enterprise - Support for Manufacturers

Provide advice and guidance for Scotland's manufacturing industry.

Scottish Institute for Remanufacture

Help to bridge the gap between research and industry and provide co-funding for innovative remanufacture projects.

Scottish Research Partnership in Engineering

Links together research institutes across Scotland to provide strategic direction to engineering research.


The sector skills council for the engineering industry.

Skills Development Scotland

Supporting skills development throughout Scottish education and industry.